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Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning, especially oriental rug cleaning, should be done only be experts who are well aware of the cleaning techniques and the value of oriental rugs. There is a vast difference between rug and carpet cleaning. When it comes to rug cleaning the following are the steps that any professional rug cleaner will adopt.

First the rug should be thoroughly inspected and assessed for the type of cleaning process it has to undergo. Then pre-cleaning should be considered to remove loose soil and dirt using compressed air.

Then a gentle hand wash in a submersed state would ensure that the stains and other accumulated dirt are removed. During this step using air pressure under water to remove minute dust from every part your rug is a common practice.

Odor and Stain Removal

Once this process is done, the rugs are decontaminated and any odor or infestation will be duly treated. This is an important process which extends the life of your rugs for many more years. As soon as the decontamination process is completed, the rugs are thoroughly rinsed to flush away all of the dirt, chemicals, and detergent used to clean and decontaminate the rug.

Drying the washed rugs is yet another important step in Oriental rug cleaning because the drying methods can affect the longevity of the rug.

We offer professional rug cleaners that strictly follow the above procedures. At Carpet Cleaning Austin we take the utmost care to clean, decontaminate, and dry your valuable rugs in a controlled environment with latest equipment and supplies.

If you're trying to get pet stains out of your rug, our professionals may decide to concentrate more on certain areas rather than simply doing a general rug cleaning. We also have the ability to repair your rugs and restore the original looks when you place orders with us. If you are in need of rug cleaning services do contact us now! Call 512-692-6865.

The Benefits of Rug Cleaning

Rugs are fabulous creations that add value and beauty to your home. A dirty rug not only looks pathetic but also is a resident evil that spreads pathogens all over your home! The dust and bacteria are potentially life threatening - especially if someone who lives in or visits your household suffers from respiratory conditions. A timely action on your dirty rugs will keep your living space free from harmful germs and mites.

By hiring Carpet Cleaning Austin 512-692-6865 You can improve the quality of your indoor environment and thus control allergies and asthma, we will bring into play high power equipment and professional grade green cleaners for the most effective, deepest rug cleaning that you can get in Austin.

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