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Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning of your home or office HVAC systems keeps inside air clean and free from dust and microbes at homes and offices. People spend long hours living and working at closed environments and HVAC systems are a great means to keep the atmosphere inside healthy. It is vital to keep your HVAC systems free from dust and microbes to live and work in a healthy way.

In order to keep your air conditioning systems clean you will have to hire professional cleaning provider like Carpet Cleaning Austin. It is a good idea to learn about air duct cleaning equipment and other details involved in the process to pick the right service provider.

There are various advantages in using our HVAC cleaning services. First of all you avoid investing heavy amounts in sophisticated clean equipment. Secondly you get your air duct cleaning job done by professionals at highly competitive rates. Finally you obtain fresh air free from pollutants for a healthy living and working environment.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air duct cleaning equipment can be broadly classified into three types according to their working patterns. The first type of air duct cleaning equipment uses powerful vacuum pumps to place the air duct under negative pressure in order to collect the dirt and debris that accumulate in the ducts over a period of time. The second type of duct cleaning equipment uses compressed air to blow off the dirt and debris that reside inside of the duct. The third type includes the air duct cleaning accessories.

Both suction and blow of methods are highly effective when it comes to cleaning superficial dirt and debris inside the air duct. However, there could still be dirt that sticks to the inner walls of the air duct which cannot be released either through vacuum or by blowing air into the duct.

This is where the agitation devices come to the rescue. Agitation devices are available in many shapes and sizes that are easy and efficient in dislodging the dirt and debris that stick firmly to the inner walls of the air duct.

These tools are powered by compressed air from the air compressor and have the generic name pneumatic cleaning tools. The pneumatic power drives the powerful brushes and whips at the end of the flexible shaft helping you to clean even the firmly stuck dirt inside the air ducts.

After loosening the dirt with vigorous agitation devices, the air duct can be cleaned by either vacuuming or blasting compressed air through the duct. There are also video inspection tools that allow you to look deep in to your air ducts to ensure that your air conditioning systems are clean.

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